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To complement training in students’ home departments, the Division and University offer a wide range of opportunities to help develop professional skills that are of value to those entering both academic and non-academic careers.

The extensive research and skills training programme covers research methods training, communication, personal effectiveness, research management, impact, and many other areas.

Doctoral students should carry out a skills review (sometimes also called a Training Needs Analysis) at least once a year with their supervisor to determine what skill areas would benefit from development. Students are encouraged to use the Graduate Supervision System (GSS) to record details of any sessions attended or planned, whether they are directly related to research projects or more general.

The Divisional Research and Skills Training website provides information about skills review and development, and the training on offer, and can be used in conjunction with the University’s Researcher Training Tool (WebLearn: Login may be required). Other useful links include:

Vitae (an organisation dedicated to helping researchers realize their potential through career learning, training and professional development)

National Centre for Research Methods (offering opportunities for advanced research methods training)