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Social Sciences departments offer nine undergraduate programmes, all leading to a BA (Hons) degree. Some are in single academic disciplines and others are joint degrees combining one or more subjects from the social sciences and/or humanities. All but one (Law with Law Studies in Europe) are three years in duration.

For undergraduates

Undergraduate courses are taught at Oxford by means of lectures, seminars, laboratory practicals (where relevant) and tutorials. Tutorials are typically college-based teaching undertaken by subject specialists in very small groups, most commonly with two or three students.  These provide a focus for in-depth discussion of particular topics and offer individualized attention that enables undergraduates to develop to their fullest academic potential. In addition to subject-specific knowledge, Oxford’s degrees teach students how to research and learn independently, how to analyse and communicate different points of view, and how to write and present ideas. This combination makes Oxford graduates highly employable and their skills are widely recognized by employers.

Applying to a programme

Further details and information on how to apply can be found on the University’s Undergraduate Admissions webpages, or click on any of the programmes below to be taken directly to your subject of choice.