Support for research grant and research impact applications

Support for research grant and research impact applications

Depending on the size and structure of departments, responsibility for supporting research grant applications may rest with one or more of the following roles:

  • a Research Facilitator or Research Support Officer;
  • a Finance Officer or Manager; or
  • the Head of Administration.

Most departments also have an academic Research Director or Coordinator who oversees the department’s research strategy and planning, and provides (or supports the provision of) academic input into grant applications. All applications for funding must be approved by the Head of Department; some departments have a Research Committee to oversee activity.

The divisional Research & Impact team can provide specialist advice in support of both individual and collaborative research grant applications.

Key points to note about research grant and research impact applications:

  • Central Research Services provides a wealth of information on relevant schemes and help with submission of grant applications to funders. All applications must be submitted to Research Services five working days in advance of the external deadline.
  • Academic input into the review of draft grant applications is increasingly important, as funding becomes more constrained and institutions are required to ‘demand manage’ applications. Departments are encouraged to define an internal deadline for departmental review and approval well in advance of this institutional deadline.
  • Departments are encouraged wherever possible to recoup the Full Economic Costs (FEC) of research (including indirect costs like space, lighting, etc.) rather than just the direct costs (staff costs and expenses). The full cost of research should be costed into grants wherever possible. Advice on the relative FEC contributions of various funders and schemes is available from the divisional Research & Impact team and from central Research Services.
  • Researchers from outside Oxford may also approach your department as a potential host for an externally-funded research project, particularly in the case of fellowships.
  • Collaborative research projects are increasingly relevant and can require coordination with other institutions in the UK and abroad. The divisional Research & Impact team can advise and support departments during the development of collaborative project proposals. With academic and non academic partners. Across the team we have specialist expertise in working collaboratively with business, policy makers, NGO’s, civic and community partners.
  • The team provides briefings on a range of funding schemes as well as workshops and other training to help researchers develop relevant skills.
  • Tailored support for knowledge exchange and research impact is also offered by the divisional Research & Impact team.

Please contact the Assistant Registrar (Research) with any questions.


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