Supporting families in adversity in LMICs

Supporting families in adversity in LMICs

Funded through the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Fell highlight notice

Young Carers workshop

The question of how adversities impact parenting, and how parenting can protect children in the face of severe adversities, presents a fundamental societal challenge. These questions also provide an unprecedented opportunity for utilising skills and expertise from different disciplines and research areas from across the global South and North. By combining rigorous empirical evidence, active policy partnership, and the inputs of families living in adversity, we hope to develop new knowledge frameworks across partner countries. We hope that in developing such frameworks we can pre-empt a set of future challenges, achieve major impact on policy, and better understand how our society can both harm and protect its next generation.

The Incubator award will facilitate the development of a major Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) proposal which will directly address the Overseas Development Aid (ODA) goal of promoting sustainable health and wellbeing in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). It will support young parents living with severe and intergenerational adversity, in order to promote resilience in their children. The proposal will combine quantitative and qualitative social and medical science, new technologies and participatory user empowerment. It will inform the design of new interventions that are free, scalable and acceptable to policymakers and communities in LMICs. In order to practically achieve this, the proposal will seek to:

  • manage longitudinal expansion of existing large-scale Southern African datasets with parenting measures
  • pool data from multiple RCTs and non-randomised studies of parenting programmes across 16 LMICs
  • develop pioneering, evidence-based interventions for young parents in adverse situations

The proposal will capitalise on more than a decade of co-developed research with policymakers, stakeholders and children in LMICs. In combining data from a range of diverse contexts, the proposed research design will make common findings much more generalizable and of acute relevance in a global setting.

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