Research-Who can help me

I need help with research grant bids

For help with bids for research grants and fellowships applications, including resourcing, your first port of call is your departmental research facilitator

For help with collaborative, multi-partner, and interdisciplinary research bids, discuss this first with your department research faciltator. You may then receive support from the division through our divisional research facilitator


I'm looking for funding

Look at our pages on funding which include information on internal and external funds, and email alerts you can sign-up to. 

For simple queries on funding, please contact Daniel Holt. If you have a detailed query about the University's internal research fund, the John Fell Fund, contact

I need help with REF

For information and advice on the process for the Research Excellence Framework 2021, or the REF Dry Run, please contact your departmental research facilitators. They may then refer you to Tim Davies, the REF project mangaer. 

I want to make an impact

For support and advice on research impact and engagement, contact the Research Impact Facilitator paired with your department. They can provide technical expertise and actively assist you to undertake and record impact, maximise its reach and significance, and construct effective narrative for REF 2021 impact case studies. 

If you are looking for funding opportunities for research impact and knowledge exchange activities, you should consider the ESRC Impact Acceleration Account at Oxford. Contact Aileen Marshall-Brown

Our Research Impact Facilitators are Francesca Richards and Sam Harper.

I want to work with business

If you are thinking about collaborating with business as part of your research, contact the Business Engagement and Partnerships team

If you are thinking about creating a business or social enterprise from your research, or are interested in patents or licensing, please contact Mark Mann or Chris Fellingham at Oxford University Innovation.


I want to work with policy makers

If you need specialist advice on hot to engage with policy makers and influencers with your research, be they in local or national government, supra-national organisations, think tanks, or NGOs, please contact William Pryor