Astor Visiting Lecturers for 2022

astor visiting lectureship 2022

We are pleased to announce the Astor Visiting lecturers for 2022.

Each year Heads of Division are invited to apply for lectureships taking place the following calendar year.  This year the Head of Division made five nominations on behalf of SSD departments, all of which were awarded by the Astor Board.

All visitors will deliver at least one well-publicised lecture, and will participate in college and departmental activities, including teaching and research.

Dr Stephen Acabado is Associate Professor in Anthropology at UCLA and will be visiting the School of Archaeology. His research focuses on postcolonial studies, Indigenous archaeology, and cultural landscapes. His work is particularly timely and cross-disciplinary as it addresses the broad question of “who owns the past”.

Professor Amitav Acharya is Distinguished Professor of International Relations and the UNESCO Chair in Transnational Challenges and Governance, School of International Service, American University, Washington DC, USA. He will be visiting the Oxford School of Global and Area Studies. Professor Acharya’s scholarship focuses on issues related to global governance and world order, as well as theories of International Relations.

Dr Reuben Jonathan Miller is Associate Professor at the University of Chicago Crown Family School of Social Work, Policy and Practice. He will be visiting the Faculty of Law, Centre for Criminology. Dr Miller has published widely on the links between race and punishment in the US, and is one of the emerging new voices in African American scholarship on the topic.

Professor Scott Brewer is Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and will be visiting the Faculty of Law. He teaches, writes, and lectures on the logic and epistemology of legal argument, eudaimonistic ethics, Contracts, Jurisprudence and Doctrine, Evidence, and Legal Pedagogy.

Professor Clive Wynne is Professor of Psychology at Arizona State University and will be visiting the School of Archaeology. Professor Wynne is a leading canine behavioural scientist who studies the behaviour of dogs in human society from a wide range of perspectives. Much of his group’s research concerns the behavioural welfare of dogs in animal shelters and in people’s homes.