Better Business for People and Planet: Bridging Research and Industry

A new annual event is set to inspire collaboration, commercialisation, and impact by showcasing opportunities and best practice for social scientists to collaborate with the private sector

Registration is open for the new annual event ‘Better Business for People and Planet – Bridging Research & Industry’, which is designed to bring social scientists and businesses together to explore the mutual benefits of working in partnership.

The event is led by the Aspect network; a social sciences platform for entrepreneurship, commercialisation and transformation, driven by an alliance of seven UK universities. Speakers will highlight the mutual benefits of partnerships between social science researchers and industry. Breakout sessions will allow industry and practitioner teams to network, share insights, and identify broader initiatives that could be developed through Aspect to support innovation in the social sciences.

Registration is free, and open to anyone who is curious to find out about business engagement, innovation, commercialisation and enterprise in the social sciences.

Venue: Manchester (Crowne Plaza Hotel – Oxford Road)

Date: 21 November 2019 (9:30-4pm + networking)

Support for travel costs is available from the Business Engagement and Partnerships Team

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