DPhil students Lukas Lehner and Ertuğrul Polat awarded prestigious grants for social policy research

Lukas Lehner and Ertuğrul Polat, DPhil students in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, are among 25 scholars to have received the Horowitz Foundation for Social Policy Grant in recognition of outstanding social policy research addressing contemporary issues in the social sciences.

Lukas receives the recognition for his research project ‘Employing the Unemployed of Marienthal: Evaluation of Guaranteed Job Program’. The research looks at a job-guarantee pilot initiative conducted in Germany.

Ertuğrul Polat received the award for his project ‘Understanding the Variation in Social Policies for Vulnerable Children in Europe: Policies, Politics, and Outcomes’. Ertuğrul hopes his research can be used by policymakers and advocates to improve the social rights and welfare of children in Europe.

Find out more about Lukas Lehner and Ertuğrul Polat's award-winning projects at spi.ox.ac.uk.


Ertugrul Polat

Ertuğrul Polat

lukas lehner

Lukas Lehner