Finding Common Ground on climate change and health

Social scientists can provide crucial insights into many of today’s most urgent challenges  including climate change and health, which was the focus of the second event in the Social Sciences Division’s Common Ground seminar series.

On 30 March 2024, researchers from a wide range of disciplines and all career stages came together at the Oxford Martin School to meet one another, share their research and explore how social scientists can collaborate to contribute new solutions to challenges at the interface of global health and climate change.

A male academic addresses a room full of researchers who listening to him attentively, and seated around tables that are covered in pens and paper, brainstorming activities, and lunch

Professor Bernstein kicked off the day's discussions with a provocative talk on the subject.

Professor Alan Bernstein, Director of the Oxford Global Health initiative, kicked off the discussion with a provocative talk on the health challenges posed by climate change, inviting participants to suggest how social scientists could tackle these problems. Fertile conversations ensued, sparking new connections and novel perspectives. Particular discussion points included:

  • the need to study the differential impacts of climate change on different age groups,
  • the need for interdisciplinary collaborations that establish a shared language and appreciation of the respective contributions of different methodologies, and
  • the role that social scientists can play in linking global climate change and health issues to local contexts.

A summary of the discussion and call for ideas for further activities was circulated following the event. To be added to the circulation list, please contact Professor Heather Viles.

About Common Ground

The Common Ground seminar series is organised by Professor Heather Viles and the Social Sciences Division’s Research, Impact and Engagement team. It brings together researchers from across the University to explore how social scientists can contribute to major challenges and promote interdisciplinary research activities. Check the series homepage for the latest news on forthcoming seminar themes.