Ground-breaking research unveils cost-effective model to boost COVID-19 immunisation in developing countries

In a ground-breaking development, a cost-effective strategy to enhance COVID-19 vaccination rates among rural populations in developing countries has been unveiled in a recent study published in Nature. Titled "Last-mile delivery increases vaccine uptake in Sierra Leone," the research, conducted by a collaborative team from the International Growth Centre, the Department of Economics at the University of Oxford, Yale University School of Management, and Wageningen University, introduces a simple yet widely applicable intervention to enhance vaccine accessibility.

The study, conducted in Sierra Leone in 2022, comes at a critical time as developing countries grapple with the aftermath of the economic and health shocks induced by COVID-19. 

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A young Sierra Leonean woman sits in an open-air clinic with a baby on her lap, whilst a female nurse administers an injection into the baby's leg.

Fatmata Yasaneh, Kortimoh nurse, part of team to track under 5 children not vaccinated. Photo: Bilkisu Jah/Concern Worldwide