Taking stock: a global assessment of net zero targets report published

Net zero targets now cover two thirds of the global economy, according to a report today from Oxford Net Zero and the ECIU (Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit) – even though it was only a decade ago that Oxford climate scientists first showed the need to reach net zero emissions.

However, despite the rapid progress, the study reveals, only 20% of these targets currently meet quality tests.

Some 4,000 entities, including every country as well as many states, regions, large cities and companies, are encompassed in the research, which is a systematic analysis of net zero plans, targets and evidence. The report, which presents an ‘opening snapshot’ of the current state of net zero commitments, reveals the extent to which net zero commitments have rapidly become mainstream - but it also looks deeper into the quality of those commitments, using the ‘starting line’ criteria set by the UN’s ‘Race to Zero’ campaign. 

Read the full report: Taking stock: A global assessment of net zero targets

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