NVivo - Walking before Running: Code and Retrieve

An IT Services online course

A brand new teacher-led online course which will introduce the basic features of NVivo version 12. It will provide guidance on the most common functions available in NVivo to aid qualitative data analysis. Topics include:

  • Basic principles of qualitative data analysis
  • Benefits and challenges of using software like NVivo to aid your data analysis
  • NVivo look and feel: starting a new project and importing simple data sources
  • Retrieving data out of NVivo: using queries

This course is for anyone carrying out a research project that involves collecting and analysing qualitative data, or is interested in conducting such a project - this research might involve the use of a range of qualitative or both quantitative and qualitative (mixed) methods.

Note for Mac delegates

The course will be taught using Windows and any demonstrations of the exercises will use NVivo for Windows. Mac users can attend but will need to learn using the Windows version first. However, we will be able to answer specific Mac-related questions and demonstrate specific functions using private chat

Wed, 17 Jun 20 01:00 PM - 04:30 PM        


Fri, 19 Jun 20  10:00 AM - 01:30 PM        


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