Oxford-Berlin Research Partnership Success

Nine bids from the Social Sciences Division to the Oxford-Berlin Research partnership (OX|BER) were successful in the first round of funding for the academic year 2018-19.

The five institutions that form OX|BER had originally decided on a budget of €600,000 for two rounds, but in November the decision was taken to increase the budget for the first round by 50%, so good were the applications. Twenty nine awards have been made across the University, from a total of 66 applications.

The successful bids from the Social Sciences Division are:
Professor Mark Graham; Towards fairer work in the digital gig economy (Oxford Internet Institute)

Professor Christiaan Monden; Understanding family demographic processes (Sociology)

Professor Mary Daly; Interdisciplinary perspectives on family formation policies (Social Policy and Intervention)

Dr Annette Idler; Justice, peace and politics in Colombia (DPIR)

Dr Javier Lezaun; Mathematical models in policy making (Anthropology)

Dr Bastian Betthäuser; Atypical employment and the gig economy (Social Policy and Intervention)

Professor Bettina Lange; Oxford-Berlin Socio-legal research partnership (Law)

Professor Michael Keith; Migration, diasporas and cosmopolitan urbanity (COMPAS)

Professor Sarah Darby; Public participation for energy transition (ECI)

Dr Laura Fortunato; Berlin-Oxford Summer School on Open and Reproducible Research (Anthropology).

Congratulations to all the successful bidders.