PEAK Urban at COP26

PEAK Urban research addressing the climate emergency

Researchers from University of Oxford's PEAK Urban initiative will be present at a number of events throughout COP26, focusing on issues such as informality, urban health, climate justice, equity and equality.  The COP organisers have for the first time dedicated one day of the conference, 11 November, to cities and the built environment

Michael Keith, Director of PEAK Urban, describes the research project's role at the COP conference;     

"We are all aware now of the urgency of the climate emergency. Rapid change is required and PEAK Urban gives an analytical lens to better understand the city as a critical starting point for action. Cities are complex and open systems; they are characterized by what is generally called ‘lock-in’ and path dependency, that most straightforwardly means that global history, global geographies, matter  - the particular histories and particular geographies of individual cities makes a real difference to how they can address, should address, might address their futures amidst this climate crisis."

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