Piero Vitelli


Piero Vitelli

Freelance Professional Development Coach & Trainer

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Piero is a facilitator, coach and writer providing solutions for development needs in the personal, interpersonal and team settings


After graduating from high school in the United States, Piero travelled to the West Indies to work on charter yachts for a year before returning to London, where he eventually studied Sound Design and Technical Theatre. This was followed by a spell in the music industry and backstage in theatres before spending three further years at drama school. Just as his career as an actor was about to start, he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, and years of drifting, lack of direction and indolence were focused in an abrupt epiphany thanks not to the diagnosis, but the manner in which it was delivered.

Developing his work since 1995, he provides one-to-one coaching, delivers interactive seminars and facilitates workshops on a number of topics including presentations, communication, team working, networking, personal impact, leadership, confidence, time management, voice, presence and feedback.

With a background in both the technical and artistic disciplines of theatre, many years' experience in events and qualifications in NLP, MBTI, SDI, C-Me and TA, he is well placed to design and provide training that is memorable, practical and effective.

Working independently and occasionally with a small group of associates, he is guided by the single value of balance. To his clients’ development needs he brings experience in the form of energy, directness and a sense of purpose. As an individual, he is unconventional and approachable.