Protecting our children in a crisis

Easy-to-understand evidence-based information in Turkish and Arabic has been rapidly produced for social media-use, by international parenting experts, to support children and families affected by the devastating Turkish/Syrian earthquake.

Screenshot of Arabic and Turkish parenting resources

Oxford parenting experts in the University’s Department of Social Policy and Intervention, along with international colleagues, have this week translated and released the advice and information for use in the traumatised region, with the sponsorship of a range of institutions including UNICEF, the WHO and UNHCR. These are also being rapidly shared on social media, by organisations including the International Rescue Committee, the Early Childhood Development Action Network, and UNODC.

Based on years of evidence-based research, advice from the team has previously been used war-torn Ukraine, and it was used globally during the pandemic, when it was downloaded some 210 million times. It is open source and for anyone caring for a child – including children in residential care.

See the Arabic translation here and the Turkish translation here.

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