Refreshed Research and Impact Strategy to guide research culture in social sciences into next five years

The Research and Impact Strategy has been refreshed for 2023 - 2028 to continue to cultivate an effective and successful research culture within Social Sciences. With key aims and objectives, it focuses on creating impact, funding opportunities, career progression and access to external partners and underpins the support the Research, Impact and Engagement team offers to students and academics across the career and research spectrum. By having a divisional level research and impact strategy, a common purpose between the departments can grow, enabling the opportunity to further amplify to the outside world what Oxford social sciences can offer. 
It will act to summarise the Social Sciences Division's efforts to support the full breadth and depth of excellent social science research taking place at Oxford, while complementing departmental research strategies and contributing to the overall University strategic plan.

Visit the strategy webpage to find out more and read the strategy summary