The parenting support that works - around the world

COVID-19 comes on top of a pandemic of violence which already affects one billion children a year globally.

But, according to a report this week from leading experts in social policy, parenting support resources can be like a remedy or ‘vaccine’ for families around the world.

According to the paper ‘The Parenting Vaccine’, from Oxford’s Professor Lucie Cluver and Ben Perks, Head of Campaigns and Advocacy of UNICEF, ‘Challenges of parenting under the strain of the epidemic are near-universal...the situation of fragile families affected by violence and neglect has worsened, abusers have had increased impunity and victims have been cut off.’

Professor Cluver maintains, ‘A universal parenting vaccine is not just an idea. It is possible – even during COVID. In the past four months, UNICEF, WHO and the University of Oxford have developed free, evidence-based COVID-19 parenting resources that have reached 66 million people. With a real effort – over the next two years of COVID impacts – we can reach all families.’

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