The Reuters Institute launches the Oxford Climate Journalism Network to help journalists cover the climate crisis better

The project, funded by the European Climate Foundation, will provide members with unique access to leading experts, forums, and research

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism is launching the Oxford Climate Journalism Network: a project designed to help journalists and newsroom leaders transform the way they cover the climate crisis.

News media remain the most widely used source of information about climate change, and it is important that journalists and editors in all media organisations are equipped to cover the issue, what it means locally as well as globally, and how it is intertwined with other areas from business to politics, so they can help people understand the realities of climate change and how we might respond to them.

The Oxford Climate Journalism Network is a unique new opportunity for participating journalists and their organisations to strengthen their competences to cover climate change, not as an isolated topic, but as something that intersects with many other aspects of our lives and societies. By providing its members with unique access to world-leading experts, professional forums for exchanging ideas with peers, and by connecting members with relevant scientists and research, the network will help reporters and editors think through the professional, organisational, and ethical questions journalism faces when it comes to climate coverage. 

Meera Selva, Deputy Director of the Reuters Institute, said:

“The Oxford Climate Journalism Network will work with journalists and scientists around the world to rethink how we report on the most important issue of our age. Through its fellowship, leadership and research, the Reuters Institute has created a global network of journalists and editors and it is exciting to be able to expand that to look at climate change, carbon emissions, and the future of our environment."

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