Vaccinated or not? Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker now tracks separate policies and mandates

Tracker rolls out new system to capture the policies that apply to vaccinated and non-vaccinated people separately, as well as a new indicator monitoring vaccine mandates

A woman wearing a mask in a queue of people presents vaccine documentation to an official permitting entry

Vaccines have transformed the world of pandemic policy, emerging at the end of 2020 and then being distributed throughout 2021. In those countries able to access vaccines (vaccine equity is still an issue), governments have concentrated their efforts in increasing vaccine coverage among their population. In many cases this has included restrictions targeting unvaccinated people specifically; in some cases governments have introduced mandates requiring certain groups of people, and sometimes the whole population, to get vaccinated.

As a result of this substantial change in the policy landscape, the team behind the Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker has announced important changes to areas of data collection.

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