Career development for permanent academic and research staff

Career development for permanent academic and research staff

There is no ‘career ladder’ as such for permanent academic and research staff at Oxford, but there are a number of exercises – some of these annual and others periodic – through which excellence can be recognised and though which, in some cases, additional financial allowances can be granted. In addition, workload considerations are increasingly important to career development and progression for academic staff in particular, and a number of departments are in the process of developing academic workload models. For more information, please contact the Assistant Registrar (Strategic Planning & Resources).


  • an annual exercise through which full Professor title is awarded
  • all those employed by the University in academic or senior research roles are eligible to apply, as are others who are making a significant and sustained academic contribution to the University
  • criteria in research, teaching and citizenship apply, and research distinction must be at least equal to that expected of those appointed to full professorships at other leading international research universities
  • applications are submitted directly to the division (via CoreHR)
  • the division holds a briefing event for potential applicants when the annual round is opening, and this is publicised through departments.
  • More information is detailed on the Personnel Services website.


  • Those eligible to apply are:
    • statutory professors and readers (except clinical professors and readers); and,
    • associate professors, keepers, and staff on the academic-related grades and on RSIV contracts who hold the title of full professor and who are employed by the University on non-clinical contracts.

    Applicants must be employed by the University on 1 January of the year in which they are applying.

    Those holding the title of reader and those holding the title of associate professor are not eligible to apply in this exercise.

  • More information is detailed on the Personnel Services website.


  • held annually in April
  • for those staff on grades 9 and 10 (or equivalent to those grades in the case of individuals who are not university employees) whose role is comparable to an Associate Professor
  • applications are submitted directly to the division


  • periodic exercises are run, but titles can also be awarded by the Senior Appointments Panel as cases arise on recruitment or on grounds of retention
  • the award of the title does not change the post or duties of the holder, but is a means of recognising academic distinction

See 'Useful websites' in the 'Research' section of the Handbook for more information on  online career development resources for academic staff and researchers.


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Career development for permanent academic and research staff

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