Climate Creativity: The power of the word to tackle the climate emergency

Culture has a vital role in framing our understanding of the climate crisis and addressing how society can start to tackle it. In an online workshop as part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science 2021, Dr Philip Seargeant, Dr Nessa O'Mahony and Dr Anne Caldwell (The Open University) guided participants in discussions about what 'Climate Creativity' looks like, how creative writing and language play a role and how we can use our own creativity to bring about change, giving people the chance to engage with cultural attitudes to climate change through discussion, reflection and creative writing.

What is 'Climate Creativity'?

'Climate Creativity' refers to the vital role that creativity can play in dealing with the climate crisis. Watch the animation below to explore why researchers think the climate crisis shouldn't be seen simply as a scientific problem:

Film created with support from the University of Oxford's Impact Acceleration Account.

Part of the ESRC Festival of Social Science