Advanced R for Social Science Researchers



This one-day course provides Social Scientists with a range of useful tools and techniques to improve their ability to code using R. This workshop is aimed at students who have already got the basics of R (Loading in data, cleaning data, running regression models and producing ggplots).

The key skills we will cover are:
•    Loops & conditionals 
•    Functions 
•    Efficient programming
•    Writing “clean” code with a sensible workflow
•    Highlighting particularly useful functions
•    Using pipes vs traditional syntax 
•    Understanding the different R environments 
•    How to work with longitudinal data 
If you have any questions on whether this course is suitable for you, please just reach out using the contact details above.


1.    Improve students’ ability to code using R
2.    Build confidence using loops, conditionals, and functions
3.    Understand what “clean” code looks like and discuss some sensible workflows
4.    Highlight particularly useful functions and discuss the relative benefits of using pipes versus traditional syntax
5.    Understand how different environments are structured in R and explore how to work with longitudinal data


Bring a laptop that can connect to the internet


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