Advanced R Support Surgery

Students can apply for a 45-minute consultation with Dr Peter Mitchell for support on issues they are having with their R code. This support is aimed at students who have completed Advanced R for Social Science Researchers, or similar courses offered by the university. 


Some examples of “advanced” coding requests include, but are not limited to, how to:


  •  Write more efficient scripts to reduce the run time of your current script from substantial time (hrs/days/weeks).
  • Work with complicated nested data that require cleaning, storing and analysing at different levels.
  • Create novel simulations.
  • Use novel data types that are not taught in standard statistics courses.
  • Create dynamic data systems where outputs from one model or process are used as an input in later stages of the analysis.

Please note, while Peter is happy to provide some advice on the statistical modelling approach students are using, the aim of this surgery is to support the writing of clean, well-functioning R script(s). Students should therefore have a clear idea of what models or approaches they intend to use, and a draft script and dataset they can share before the meeting.


As places are limited, we ask that students provide the answers to the following questions via our online form (link below):


  • What R courses have you joined to try and solve this problem?
  • Please describe the overarching aim of your analysis, including reference to the modelling techniques you are using.
  • Please describe the dataset you are using in as much detail as possible.
  • Please describe the coding challenge you are experiencing  is as much detail as possible.
  • Please describe the approaches you have taken so far to solve the issue.
  • Is there any other information that Peter should know that would provide a helpful session?


This event has been postponed, exact dates will be released in Week 0 of MT 24

Terms and Conditions

In booking any training workshops, you agree that: 


COMMITMENT: application is not an expression of interest; it is a firm commitment. You will be available for the full duration of the course session(s); if you are not, please do not make a booking. You will not accept any subsequent meeting invitations that may fall during the given workshop times. 

PRE-WORK / HOMEWORK: if applicable, you will complete any given pre-work and/or homework as described on the workshop web listing, as it constitutes part of the workshop  

CANCELLATION: should your circumstances change, and you are not able to attend the full session(s). you will cancel using the CoSy booking system (link in booking confirmation email) giving at least 72-hours' notice, so we can offer the place to someone on the waiting list. Cancellations by email will not be accepted. 

ARRIVAL: you will join, or arrive at, the workshop 5 minutes before the advertised start time, to ensure a prompt start. 

LATE POLICY: you understand that the online room will be locked / workshop door will be closed 10 minutes after the event start time and late-comers will not be admitted. This is to preserve the integrity of the course for those who are present.  

ENGAGEMENT: you will give the session your undivided attention and engagement. You will not be able to do other tasks in parallel. If online, you will ensure that your environment and internet connection allow you to participate verbally and with video cameras on. These are interactive workshops, and it is not appropriate to attend from a silent or shared workspace. 

ATTENDANCE RECORD: you understand the Register will be taken in the last half-hour of the course, and anyone not present in the room at that point will be marked as non -attending (see below) 

FEEDBACK: you will contribute feedback afterwards, to help us understand how well the session met its intended aims, and facilitate our continuous improvement 

CONSEQUENCES OF NON-ATTENDANCE: you understand that any non-attendance  
a) is visible to departments and supervisors/PIs, and  
b) may result in any future bookings you’ve made within the same term being cancelled, and the place(s) offered to the waiting list.