Engaging Businesses in Social Sciences Research

Business engagement in academic settings has traditionally been dominated by STEM subject and yet, there is tremendous value in engaging with businesses for social scientists. From accessing new sources of data and funding, to trialing interventions in real-life environments, business engagement can enhance and collaboration and create new avenues for impactful research. 


In this workshop, we will explore why, and how, social scientists engage with businesses. We will learn about where business engagement opportunities come from, what they lead to, and will gain an overview of the different resources and people in the University that can support you through your business engagement journey.  


We will look at real examples from the Social Sciences division and gain insight into the sometimes messy but often fruitful process of academic-business collaborations. 

Learnings from this session are applicable for working with a variety of external stakeholders, such as businesses, industry bodies, and not-for-profit organisations. 


Intended learning outcomes:

1. Pathways for Business Engagement for SSD academics 

- consultancy  

- sponsored research 

- data sharing agreements 

2. University resources and key people that facilitate Business Engagement 

3. Creating a Business Engagement plan for a research project 


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