How to write about your Research for Publication

This workshop introduces the basics of writing for publication for DPhil students looking to publish for the first time. The tutor – Patrick Brindle – takes a publishing-insider’s perspective and examines how you can improve your research writing to improve the chances of being accepted for publication and then heighten the chance that your article, book chapter or research report will be read and cited by as wide and significant an audience as possible.


The course will cover:


  • Practical writing tips to improve the impact of your research publications
  • How academic publishing operates and what this means for new writers
  • A guide to how research writing is discovered and read online
  • Insight into specific narrative tools for making research writing compelling, meaningful and vivid
  • Exercises and case studies to deploy/reflect on your own writing in the class


  • To understand how peer review works
  • To know how academic content is discovered and read online
  • To be able to best identify the best publications for your work
  • To better know how to write to match your target publications needs
  • To know who your academic audience is
  • To be able to write for your audience
  • To experiment with writing and narrative devices that can add power to your writing


25 May 2022

09:30 - 16:00 (with breaks)


This workshop has been cancelled


Actually one of the best courses in my time at Oxford so far (3rd Year DPhil)