Juggling family life and work

Are you struggling to find a balance between your academic responsibilities and childcare duties?
Are you thinking about taking a break from your research to have a baby in the future, or have you returned from leave?

Join us for a hot cup of tea and a biscuit as we figure out how to navigate the complex landscape of babies and degrees. This session, aimed at current and future student parents at all degree levels as well as postdoctoral researchers, will provide an opportunity for participants to share experiences and strategies for coping with sleepless nights and mounting workloads. Most importantly, it will be a meeting place for parents to exchange success stories, frustrations, and ideas to help create a broader network within the university. 
Depending on the interests of participants, we will share resources about a range of topics, including: taking parental leave and coming back, finding the support you need, dealing with childcare (and paying for it), managing as a single parent, and more.  
This is a child-friendly space in an accessible venue, so please bring your little ones along if needed. Partners are also welcome.



  • To introduce various types of support available to student parents
  • To provide an opportunity for current parents to share experiences and strategies for balancing academic work and childcare responsibilities in an informal setting
  • To create a network of support within the university




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