Quantitative Research for Qualitative Researchers

This one-day course attempts to demystify quantitative methods for people who don’t naturally think in numbers. Starting with a brief discussion on why using numbers to investigate a phenomenon may be useful (and not necessarily that tricky), the bulk of the course will use examples and thought experiments to explore the core set of quantitative methods that social scientists typically use. Crucially, the course is aimed at giving participants a broad understanding of the available tools they could use to give them the confidence to engage with quantitative methods in the future, rather than a detailed look into each individual model. In short, the course aims to be light on numerical detail and heavy on accessibility, and hopefully a lot of fun!

The following points provide an overview of the day:

•    Exploring the possible role of numbers within qualitative research
•    Research questions within Quant Studies – their purpose and what a good research question looks like
•    Moving beyond descriptive statistics to inferential statistics – getting to the crux of “statistics” vs a good numerical description
•    Comparing differences between groups – how do we know this isn’t down to random chance?
•    Identifying associations (or not!) – Does X go up when Y goes down, or is it in my head?
•    Creating measures – Measuring “anxiety” in a number
•    Reading and writing results – the do and don’ts of good statistical write ups


3 March, 09:30 - 17:00

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