DPhil Training and Development 1:1 Appointments


I’m Eleanor and I’m responsible for the Social Sciences Researcher Development Programme. I’ve been around Oxford since 2009, first as a doctoral student in Socio-Legal Studies, and then after a few years away teaching in London, as a member of staff since 2018. I’ve got a pretty good understanding of the university, what’s about and how it joins up. I really enjoy making connections, and helping students piece together and develop their own Oxford.


If you’ve got questions about training, or developing yourself as a researcher while you’re in Oxford, this drop-in session is the very place to ask them! I’m happy to answer, signpost, and make suggestions or connect you as appropriate. Bring your own tea or coffee, and let’s have a chat. 


To book a time

Email: researcherdevelopment@socsci.ox.ac.uk