Storytelling - Putting Stories to Work

Second of two workshops exploring how storytelling and narrative skills can play a transformative role in communicating your research, and give you the opportunity to craft and develop effective research stories and pitches of your own.

This session is a follow-on session from Introduction to Storytelling. You may book this workshop without having attended the first session, but if you need an introduction to storytelling concepts, or would like to reflect on storytelling techniques, you should attend both sessions.

The sessions are led by narrative coach Robert Holtom (The Guardian, Our World 2.0, openDemocracy, playwright & short story writer).

Putting Stories to Work

This workshop will put these storytelling skills to work and guide you through a number of exercises focussing on the arts of clarity, summary and metaphor. You will develop and practice your own one-minute pitches as well as explore the ethics and responsibilities of good storytelling.


By the end of the session, you should have gained an understanding of how good storytelling can be a tool of empowerment for both yourselves and for others. You will gain an improved ability to use creative communication skills in relation to your own work – specifically for audiences beyond academia, but also within grant applications, meetings, presentations, and other areas of academic life.


Monday 20th July, 10.30 - 12.30

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