Writing & Editing Books and Book Chapters

Writing & Editing Books and Book Chapters

This workshop provides DPhil students, early-career researchers and post-docs an introduction to the basics of writing and editing academic books and book chapters. The course takes a publisher’s perspective throughout, and introduces participants to the huge changes that are radically changing academic publishing worldwide. A focus will be on using DPhil and Postdoc research as a means of generating viable book publications.

The course will cover the complete workflow of the process from deciding to write a book (or book chapter) through finding the best publisher, writing a proposal, working with a commissioning editor, writing and editing the manuscript and marketing the book after publication.

The course will deal with the different types of book Oxford students and researchers are likely to want to work on; from research monographs, academic texts and non-fiction works for the general public, through to large edited works such as handbooks and textbooks. It will also set out the different challenges faced by book editors and co-editors as opposed to book authors and co-authors. 
The module will also trouble-shoot some of the most common problems facing academics who engage with book publishing, namely:

•    Negotiating contracts
•    Understanding copyright
•    Dealing with timetables and late deliverers
•    Working with peer reviewers
•    Getting the most out of proof-readers and copyeditors
•    Getting the writing level right
•    Designing in-text features
•    Understanding plagiarism (and self-plagiarism)
•    Dealing with co-authors and co-editors
•    Managing contributors

After completing this workshop, you should have a better understanding of:

1. When to write a book, edit a book, and when to concentrate on journal articles?
2. How to find the right publisher and negotiate a contract
3. The basics of writing books and chapters
4. How and when to co-author books and book chapters
5. How and when to edit or co edit an academic book


25 May

09:15am to 12:30pm
Part 1 - 3 hour semi-interactive online workshop using Zoom

Part 2 - You will be issued with a workbook containing exercises and activities to do in the afternoon

15:30 to 16:30pm
Part 3
 - Live Q&A session using Zoom to wrap up


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