Briefing - Your Academic Event, Our Professional Support

Whether you’ve done it, or just thought about it, you’ll know that setting up and running an academic event is great for your professional development, but can be stressful, time-consuming and anxiety-inducing. 

There’s little more dispiriting than investing a huge amount of time and energy into planning an event that is then poorly attended. And you can even end up looking bad to people you’ve invited as contributors.

Here at SSD Researcher Development, setting up and delivering academic events is our day-job, and we’re offering our know-how to you next term, through a practical training programme, called ‘Your Academic Event, Our Professional Expertise’. 

  • How can you discover whether your idea has widespread appeal? 
  • Who will you invite as contributors?
  • How many contributors will you need? 
  • Will enough people hear about it?
  • Will enough people sign up? 
  • How will you manage the sign-up process and ensure you’re GDPR compliant? 
  • How many participants do you need to make it viable?
  • How do you manage a contributor (or more than one) dropping out at short notice? 
  • How will you pay for refreshments for an unknown number of attendees?

We’ve put together a package of practical support that takes you through the process from initial idea, to delivering an event as part of the divisional workshop series in Week 8. 

You own the idea, you lead the event, you manage your contributors, you get the CV line for running the event. We offer you a place on our term-card, and walk you through a proven efficient and effective process for the conceptualisation, planning, admin, and delivery of an event, to ensure you get the best academic return on the work you put into it. 

If you’ve got an idea, or even the inkling of a possible idea, come along to the briefing in Week 2 to hear more, and decide whether it’s a good fit for you.

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