Hope into Action: Social Sciences Impact Conference 2023

Hope into Action: Social Sciences Impact Conference 2023

Social sciences research is essential in helping us understand and positively influence the world around us. Delivering scalable, inclusive and responsible impact – turning ‘Hope into Action’ – was the theme of the second Social Sciences Impact Conference, which took place in Oxford 20-21 March

The first conference, back in 2018, focused on the impact that social sciences research has beyond academia and how it can make a significant difference to societies and people's lives around the globe.

The unprecedented challenges of the past four years have put this to the test in the starkest terms imaginable. From a global pandemic and economic uncertainty to the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine, as well as the ever-present threats of climate change, these seismic changes have highlighted how social scientists play a crucial role in bringing a deeper understanding not only of these challenges, but also of the world around us.

What have we learned so far? What does it take to deliver impact in different and challenging contexts? How do we scale and sustain impacts? How do we deliver impact responsibly and inclusively? The ‘Hope into Action’ conference examined these questions and – through a variety of voices from academia and beyond – explored how social scientists continue to offer unique insights.

How can social sciences make change happen?


What is impact in the social sciences?


Mailing list

Many great conversations took place during the conference and we are keen for those to continue. We have set up a JISCmail list called Social Science Impact Network, to enable people to share information, ask questions and make connections beyond the conference. Please sign up here if you’d like to join the group and please share with relevant colleagues.