Induction information


You are expected to oversee and ensure the training and induction of new starters, although in practice it may be another member of the departmental team who does this. The University’s Learning Institute has some useful guidance and resources to help you manage induction.

The purpose of the probationary period is to ensure that a new employee is able to gain a full understanding of the requirements of the post and achieve a satisfactory level of performance, within a reasonable period of time. It is also intended to help identify any training and support that is needed for the employee.

Probationary periods are specified in contracts when an employee begins work in that role and should be incorporated into the overall ongoing personal development review process. In order to ensure good record keeping and maintain accuracy of employees’ records, it is advisable to record key details, including a written record of any discussions and reviews that take place. Further guidance on managing probation is available on the Personnel Services website.

Induction and Probation for Research Staff

Each term the Oxford Learning Institute run a half day induction session for new research staff which gives them information about all the professional development opportunities as well as background to support services such as libraries and research services. Further information is available from the Oxford Learning Institute.
New research staff should also be encouraged to open a CareerConnect account with the Careers Service immediately, so they can see the entire events calendar, book into a workshops or 1:1 appointment with a Careers Adviser, and see all the listed vacancies for jobs, fellowships, funding opportunities etc. For any related queries, please email