Jo Boyce

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Contact information

Kate Gear

CCS Communications Officer (ODID)

Connected Communications Service

The Connected Communications Service (CCS) is a shared service communications team that sits in the Social Sciences Division and is the only team of its kind at the University of Oxford. Essentially, we act as an internal communications consultancy for the departments/schools/faculties in the Social Sciences Division who have signed up to our services.

Clients can buy into the CCS team on a retained model, providing consistent and predictable delivery of their ongoing communications needs. We currently work like this for four departments and the Social Sciences Division, covering a mixture of external, internal, alumni and digital communications, and event assistance.

In addition, we can engage on an ad-hoc advisory basis – either expanding the retained model for special projects or providing strategic communications consultation. We are now delivering this service cross division.


About me

My name is Jo Boyce. I am a Communications Officer within the CCS and a departmental specialist working with the Oxford Department of International Development. I am also responsible for supporting the team with Divisional Communications as needed.


I am responsible for:

  • External and internal communications
  • Alumni relations
  • Event organisation and publicity
  • Line management of the blog officer
  • Working with the channel specialists in the CCS
  • Regular communications support for the Social Sciences Division, and reporting on communications activity for the department


Working pattern

Monday 9am-4.30pm (working from home)

Tuesday 9am-4.30pm

Wednesday 9am-4.30 pm (working from home)

Thursday 9am-4.30pm

Friday 9am-4.30pm