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Presentation Delivery Skills online training

About the training

How you present is as, if not more important than what you say… You have to be able to deliver your message clearly and in a way that engages. This is particularly important when interacting with business or areas outside of your specialty, where knowledge of your subject is not enough to keep people interested in your presentations. This workshop is aimed at DPhil students and ECRs of all levels, who would like to learn the basics of delivering a good presentation.

The goal of the session is to show what makes a great presentation and provide tips which researchers can use to communicate more effectively with their audiences. It will cover areas such as emotional projection and actioning, body language and voice as tools to effectively engage, and techniques for dealing with nerves.


  • Understand why delivery skills are important both inside and outside research
  • Learn to use body language and voice effectively
  • Be able to capture and keep the audience’s attention
  • Understand why nerves happen, and have techniques at your fingertips to keep control


Online via Zoom.

Interactive session with online participation tools and polls to collect input from the group.


26 January, 10.00am-12.00pm

How to register

The deadline for expressions of interest for this training session is 20 January 2021. Please note that registering your interest does not guarantee you a place. Places for this course are limited and each institution will allocate places on competitive basis if demand exceeds availability. You will be notified whether you were allocated a place by 22 January.

This event is open only to current Social Sciences PhD students and ECRs from Brunel University London, Open University, Oxford Brookes University, University of Reading and University of Oxford.

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About the trainer

Duncan Yellowlees

Dunan Yellowlees

Dunan Yellowlees is a specialist provider of presentation and communications training. An ex-engineer and nationally renowned science communicator, Duncan is working with research, academia and individuals to improve communications, confidence, and impact.