Mapping seagrass and the human seascape in Orkney

Join the Oxford Seascape Ecology Lab and dive into our research on Orkney’s seagrass meadows!

Seagrasses are a crucial but threatened part of British seascapes, with benefits for wildlife and people. Oceans are fluid spaces and coastal communities relate to them in many ways but marine studies tend to ignore people at sea. Using different research techniques, we've brought people and ecology together to map seagrasses, activities, and coastal values in Sanday, Orkney.

Come and see how our different approaches work together, and try some of them yourself. With hands-on activities, lots of maps, original music, and even an oil painting, we have plenty to show and would love to hear what you think.


Activity led by Joe Boyle, Oxford Seascape Ecology Lab, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford.