Building ventures from innovative research to deliver impact at scale

What is innovation within the Social Sciences?

Innovation from social science research creates impact. This can come in the form of innovation in public policymaking, organisational and institutional innovation, social entrepreneurship and more! It goes beyond the context of income generation arising from new inventions and technologies.

The integration of innovation of social science research has become an increasingly vital component of research activities. It can serve as a means to bolster an academic's research capacity and opportunity, and reduce reliance on research grants. The outcome can be a much greater, scalable and sustainable impact, maximising the benefits of research for society.

What does innovation in the social sciences look like? 

  • Understanding and finding practical solutions to complex 21st-century challenges 
  • Addressing mission-based goals 
  • Creating social impact  
  • Sustaining research projects by leveraging funds and raising capital independently from research grants 
  • Co-production and multidisciplinary projects 
  • Socially responsible approaches
  • Support and funding available for researchers through different organisations and programmes 

Innovation in our research, collaborations, and impacts

Here you can explore highlights from our researchers' collaborations and engagement with academic, policymaking, and business partners, as well as the wider public and community:

Innovation in research
Innovation with policy partners
Innovation in business
New ways of engaging communities

Who can help me?

If you are interested to learn more about opportunities to engage with Oxford social sciences researchers - whether in research collaboration, matters relating to public policy, business collaboration, or public and community engagement - please get in touch below: