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Our Pledge

The Social Sciences Division has pledged to invest £25m over the next five years to support the new generation of thought leaders - our postgraduate students, to give them the advanced analytical skills needed to address these challenges through government and policy agencies, business and NGO's. We are seeking the support of our existing and new partners to invest a further £25m to help transform futures.


The Social Sciences Division

Responding to the planet’s biggest threats and society’s most pressing issues, our academics and researchers work tirelessly to find ways to tackle poverty, hone big data, find ways to de-escalate global conflicts, reduce crime, deliver justice across the world, address climate change, deliver sustainability goals, help design future cities, enhance our economies and bring about enlightened governance.  

The Oxford Social Sciences Division represents one of the largest groupings of social scientists in the world. We bring together 15 outstanding departments, faculties and schools committed to tackling some of the major challenges facing humanity. 

Our research combines rigorous and innovative quantitative methodologies and theoretical approaches using individual and collective experiences and actions. The quality and diversity of our research and our over 1,000 researchers creates a virtuous circle, attracting the most talented students and researchers, allowing us to create an intellectually fertile environment for the next generation of world leaders.

For more information or to get involved please contact one of our team:

Rachel Kirwan, Head of Development, Social Sciences (

Georgie Gough, Development Executive, Social Sciences (

Dr Nicolas Stone Villani, Development Executive, Social Sciences (

Sarah Lay, Development Coordinator, Social Sciences (