WHO Collaborating Centre for Social Protection and Governance for Health

The Social Sciences Division is a collaborating centre with the World Health Organization. The Division has been designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Social Protection and Governance for Health since 2016.

We collaborate with the WHO in three main ways:

  • Supporting the development of evidence for policy on the intersection between economic policy, social protection and health.
  • Supporting the implementation of governance for health.
  • Contributing to the development of normative guidance which support WHO's commitments and work in the area of inter-sectoral action and governance on social and commercial determinants of health.

Some of the work academic teams from the Division have carried out with the guidance of WHO through this collaborating relationship include:

  • Identifing and exploring the issues presented by social policies and health in order to strengthen the knowledge and evidence base for policy and practice through contributing to a series of policy briefs. 
  • Contributing to capacity building through working with working groups of international experts and other academic institutions.
  • Producing analytical documents relating to advancing the policy process on risk reduction for NCDs.

For more details about the WHO Collaboration Centre, contact Sharron Pleydell-Pearce.

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