Social Sciences Division Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan


The Social Sciences Division is committed to increasing the diversity of the people, scholarship and teaching across the division, and ensuring that each member is, and feels, valued, listened to and respected, able to be themselves, and to participate fully in the life of the division.

Departments across the division are taking steps to tackle racism, advance equality, and create a more inclusive and equitable culture. 

A new EDI Action Plan has now been published, outlining steps the division is taking during 2021 to advance these goals.

The Action plan outlines steps being taken by the division to advance change, including work by the division's Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Panel.

As part of this work during 2021 the division is recommending that all staff take the University's online course in tackling race bias at work, and update their diversity data using HR Self-Service

Members of staff from across the division with an interest in equality, diversity and inclusion issues are encouraged to join the Social Sciences Division Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Teams group - please contact